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October Cancer Sponsorship - Andrea Morrow

2016-10-24 11:34:07

Cancer Awareness Sponsorship Campaign! Show your support and buy a t-shirt!

October Cancer Sponsorship - Andrea Morrow

2016-10-24 11:29:05

Visit the Facebook ONE Throne Fan Page to watch Andrea's live video feed about her journey!

New Release! Check it out!

2016-07-16 21:27:12

New Release! The Devil is a LIE!


2016-07-16 21:25:19

Custom T-shirt High-light!!! Jesus is able to heal, restore and renew! Have you met Jesus?

Training for Greatness (Now Available in RED)

2016-07-16 21:23:47

ONE Throne "Golden Angel" Tank Top

2016-07-16 21:21:32

Make a statement about your faith as you're on the go! 


ONE Throne Tank

2016-07-16 11:46:10

Training for Greatness - Fan High-Light!

2016-04-29 04:05:43

Fan highlight - All the way from the Bronx!

2016-04-29 04:05:45

ONE Throne Hits Stores!

2016-04-29 04:05:47

ONE Throne Apparel Sponsorship

2016-04-29 04:06:00

ONE Throne Apparel Featured in NEWD Magazine

2016-04-29 04:05:58

Small Shops to Patronize this Holiday Season

My brother used to work for a large consumer electronic retail store. He once told me that the amount of money the store made within the last three months of the year, could nearly justify nearly the staff goofing off for the rest of the year. Seriously, your holiday gift-buying could practically serve to carry that store’s entire annual budget. Interesting, huh?

But, it’s true. The United States' retail industry generated over three trillion U.S. dollars during the holidays last year. And before we negatively label the ones who spend as materialistic gadget-fiends, let’s remember the thousands of employees that are hired to accommodate this holiday rush, the hundreds in holiday bonuses that our family members receive because of it and the fact that holiday spending constitutes 19.2 percent of all the U.S. retail industries total sales that year. So, what if we channeled our money in a way that would ensure our friends and family completely reaped the benefits instead of lining the pockets of a martini-imbibing, pinstripe suit-donning, cigar-smoking Fortune 500 exec?

I was uber-inspired by the civic-mindedness of my friend and colleague this holiday season. Gabby Cudjoe-Wilkes, PR professional and founder of Brydge Media Collective, dropped me a line last week saying: “In light of our current socio-economic climate, I want to do my small part by supporting black businesses exclusively for my gift giving this Christmas. If you know of any reputable black-owned companies that have products appropriate for the below demographics, please share!" She then proceeded to list out the people for whom she planned on buying gifts.

So, to assist her in her search for socially-responsible Black businesses who just happen to also be faith-based, here is my short list of small businesses I plan to support this holiday season:

For residents of slightly warmer climates, I recommend the trendy T-shirts of Tampa-based One Throne Apparel. On a regular, One Throne produces shirts with bold messages like their “Black Lives Matter” line in solidarity with the Brown and Garner tragedies and their “Training for Greatness” fitness line. So, this is your challenge, if you choose to accept it. Pay it forward. Line the pockets of those who you know and build your community by using your dollars the right way. Shopping small is the best way to stimulate the economy while ensuring you see some of that green yourself!

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Training Release - Iron Sharpens Iron

2016-04-29 04:06:07

I am Gods Child

2016-04-29 04:05:55

Released 3/8/14 - Product Name: I Am God's Child

Psalm 103:19

2016-04-29 04:05:53

ONE Throne

2016-04-29 04:05:52

The Lord has established his throne in heaven and his kingdom rules over all. Psalm 103:19

New Release!

2016-04-29 04:05:51


Sparkle Golden Angel T-shirt

If you like sparkle then you'll love the new golden angel t-shirt! Annoyed by the glitter flakes that are incredible messy and gets over all your clothes? Well, NOT HERE! Gaurenteed sparkle that wears on your clothes and not on your face!

New Release


The latest!

2016-04-29 04:05:49


Sparkle Black & Gold T-shirt

Check out our new sparkle ONE Throne t-shirt with royal columns on the back and gold lettering encouraging everyone to "Keep the Faith" As you walk the local malls, grocery stores or while you're out and about, you'll be encouraging others as they read the back of your t-shirt to be encouraged, and keep the faith! What better way to share your faith!!!